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Tenant Q&A

Q. What are the important criteria used to qualify for renting a home?  
A. Since we help many landlords, each landlords may have a somewhat different standard for tenant selection. Generally, landlords  consider the following factors:  
Satisfactory credit history
Monthly income about three times the monthly rental amount
No outstanding judgments
No past rental evictions
Established history of credit since a past bankruptcy
Employment verification
Criminal record check
Present and former landlord references
All properties are offered subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act.

Q. How much does it cost to use our services?
There is no charge for our leasing staff to help you to find a home. If you decide to submit an application to rent one of our properties, there is a $40 per person charge for the credit and application background check.

Q. How much does it cost to move into a rental home?
A. First months rent, plus a security deposit equal to one months rent, and, if applicable, a pet deposit.

Q. The web page says no pets. How can I find out if an owner will reconsider their stated preference?
. At the time of submitting an application for tenancy, you may request any exception that you want the owner to consider. Sometimes, but not always, an owner may reconsider their requirements after reviewing your pets verifiable history, or a large pet deposit, to cover possible damages. Pet restrictions do not apply to assistive living animals.

Q. What other pet policies are there?    
A. No property owners will approve an occupancy for the following breeds of dogs:  
German Shepherds
You will be required to sign a statement attesting to the fact that your pet has no history nor any known incident of showing a threatening posture towards people.

Q. The home is available for rent now but we will not be able to rent for three months. Will the owner hold the home until we need it if we pay a deposit?
A. No, not with just a deposit. Owners may be willing to hold a home for about 7 to 10 days after the posted availability date, and then they require that rent payments start.  

Q. We will not be moving for a few months, so how can I learn what homes will be available in the future?
A. Tenants are required to give a 30-day notice of their intentions to move, so we seldom know beyond 30 days which specific homes are going to be available for rent. Since we property manage many homes, there are usually several choices of rental properties available. These homes are updated on our website on a daily basis, so you may want to bookmark our site and visit often as the time gets closer for you to select a rental home.

Q. There are some homes that I want to see, how do I arrange to see them?
A. Many homes are occupied and appointments will be needed to see the inside of the property. You may drive by the property however, the current occupant is advised not to allow any prospective tenant access to their home without an appointment being made by our leasing staff. Our leasing staff is available 7 days a week to accommodate you.  

Q. I saw a home listed by another company, can you show lease it to me?
A. Our home site is updated on a daily basis with all properties available on the market.  Sometimes a company might do an in-house listing but chances are, we can contact that agent and show you the property.  It really is on an individual case basis.